Back rest pillow

Second generation package: Multifunctional Yuanbao waist pad/automobile waist support.

Care for the waist, soothing stress, healthy everyday.

Scientific classification: Before going to bed+sleeping classified care.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics, 3D surface fit.

Memory rebound: Slow rebound memory foam.

Breathing fabric: 4D mesh clothing jacket.

重量 500 kg
尺寸 26 × 2 × 15 cm

Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, customized


46*23*11 cm


Velvet, short plush, Crystal super soft fabric, Mesh, Gel, Ice fiber


Memory foam, Cotton


Logo, Packaging, Fabric color, Graphic

Details about Back rest pillow

(Last Updated On: 9月 15, 2021)
product name Memory foam lower back pain relief lumbar support cushion pillows support correct posture back rest pillow
Filling 100%Memory Foam
Fabric 4D grid
size 46*23*11CM
Payment Details T/T
Packing Default opp bag packaging, gift boxes and cartons can be customized
Sample one day

Fill the waist gap, say goodbye to soreness. Soothes lower back pain, sleeping easily, improve sleep quality.

Engineering division waist design:

  1. Support area: Convex design, full support lumbar fill gap.
  2. Side sleeping area: Embracing design, care for the waist side.

Sleeping on the side of the sleeping side is comfortable. A Multifunctional waist pad, which can fit the lumbar vertebra well regardless of whether it’s in the normal or on the side.

C type waist + T point top waist: not only has a C-shaped embracing waist, but also a raised template in the waist and cross T-point area of the human body. Adjust the T-point position of the car seat back according to the sitting position. At the same time, both waist and top waist.

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