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Henan Koncen Import&Export Trade Co., ltd specializes in the development, manufacturing, marketing and service of polymer new materials, home products, health care graphene products, travel products, mother & baby care products, etc. Our Company was founded in Henan in 2017, and the year of 2018 witnessed the birth of our factory in Jiangsu. We have obtained ISO9001 quality management certification and passed BSCI inspection. With a comprehensive service system that includes R&D, manufacturing, delivery and after-sale service, Koncen has forged close partnerships with over 300 enterprises around the globe, and has gained worldwide trust and recognition for its manufacturing capacity, product quality, and customer service. Innovation, branding and financing are the three driving forces for Koncen’s advancement towards internationalization and industry leadership. Create great careers with new and existing customers.You and I work together.Can go further together.





Carefully test customer sample, size, Memory foam weight and density, bending degree, etc.
Ensure the integrity of each detail data to facilitate production and testing later.

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According to the measured data, draw the pattern, and combine with ergonomics to ensure the perfect combination of comfort and fashion.


No matter the sample or the product, it has to go through six strict procedures after production. Strict quality and quality is the purpose of our service.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.


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Co Founder

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Interior Quality

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Each product is based on human body structure and acupoints, and it is our goal to give each user the most comfortable experience.
We sincerely invite different people to experience our products and give us valuable opinions and suggestions, which is the driving force for the continuous development of our company.

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